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Kare wa Kare-pan!

Kare wa Kare-pan! published on No Comments on Kare wa Kare-pan!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m starting a new story arc called “Kare wa Kare-pan!” It’s going to be filled with DRAMA, MISUNDERSTANDINGS and ROMANTIC COMEDY. I hope all of you will enjoy this mini comic making fun of shoujo manga in all it’s silly glory.

In other news, Anime Expo is in a month! Like wow! If you’re going, you should totally visit my table! Aww yeah!

Wondercon 2014 Report & Kickstarter Funded!

Wondercon 2014 Report & Kickstarter Funded! published on No Comments on Wondercon 2014 Report & Kickstarter Funded!

I can’t exactly say I’m “back” from Wondercon if it’s a local con for me. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and talking to everyone! If you’re here because of my postcards, hello! I hope you enjoy the comic!

In other news, Dirty Diamonds got funded AND reached their first stretch goal. If you missed your chance to pick up a copy, you’ll just have to go to a con that they’re attending! I’m excited yet a little nervous about my personal story about getting into comics going into the world. Hopefully people will relate well. :)

The next con is going to be Anime Central! It’ll be a rare occasion because my big brother is also attending! We haven’t been to a con together since Anime Boston 2011! How time flies!

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