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Balancing Life and Comics

Balancing Life and Comics published on No Comments on Balancing Life and Comics

So, I might of not been as prompt or on time for the last few comic updates. To be honest, I’m balancing school work, freelance, applying for art jobs, drawing this comic and pretending to have some semblance of a social life. I’ve had to throw the comic to the bottom of my priority list several times in the last month due to sudden job tests and my need to keep my portfolio current. School work and getting employment are my highest priorities at the moment because my future depends on them. I know this is no excuse, but I figured I’d let you all know what’s up in case the comic goes up a day late or with less than usual flair.

I should probably just change the update day so it’s not landing on the day after all of my classes. But I’m trying not to because I like updating on Mondays. 8)

No Update 8/21/2014

No Update 8/21/2014 published on No Comments on No Update 8/21/2014

Hey guys. I know the updates have been sparse recently due to conventions and travel. I’m going to admit defeat this week and skip the update. The page is about 50% done, but I have no time between now and next Monday to finish it to the quality that I’d like. Between traveling 5+ hours every day for the last 4 days for a wedding and adjusting to my travel gear, it’s not up to snuff.

Thanks for your patience!

FanArt: Rienlen

FanArt: Rienlen published on No Comments on FanArt: Rienlen

I’m back from Anime Expo! It was great meeting everyone, including some fans! If you’re here from the con, welcome! I hope you enjoy the comic! I’m really exhausted from selling for 4 straight days, so here’s some fanart from Rienlen, who I had the pleasure of finally meeting for the first time at AX! You should check out their work, because it’s mad awesome!

Updates on Kare Wa Kare Pan will start again next Monday!

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