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What is this comic going to about, you ask? Well, it’s going to be a collection of the many short comic ideas that I have rolling around in my brain but aren’t big enough to become it’s own series. There’s going to be muffins running around, silly life anecdotes and commentary on life as I see it. It’s not all going to be in order, so expect there to be random jumps from subject to subject. However, I can guarantee it’s going to be some whimsical fun, terrible puns and (a little skewed) honesty from the artist herself.



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Kandid is a random “whatever I come up with” comic drawn and written by Crystal Kan. It is mostly a solution to the fact that I can’t seem to stick to one comic idea, but they are all somehow related to my own little world of muffins, craziness, and observations. So expect some humor, some cute silliness and a lot of face palms from my terrible puns.

Please enjoy and feel free to comment on comics!

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