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Otakon 2012

Otakon 2012 published on No Comments on Otakon 2012

I’m back home from Otakon! I didn’t get to escape my table as much as I would of hoped, but I had a lot of fun anyway with new and old friends! Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to stop by, buy something, or chat with us! If you’re new to the comic, HELLO! I hope you enjoyed the comic so far! I update every Sunday, barring any significant life events! Extra shout out and love to those who bought anything related to Kandid or my original art! You guys made my day! ¬†(* u *)

Special thanks to Finni, Emily, Ellen, Shilin, and Bing for being great company and making my nights extra fun!¬†Extra special thanks to Nargyle and Wilmuck, who were amazing tablemates and driving buddies! Couldn’t have made it through the weekend alive without you guys. :)

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